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A 'simple' game about a girl named Liche and her birthday. As simple as a white canvas.

...She hoped for a surprise party for her birthday, which is very cliche. Everyone was unusually mean to her that day. But... Just like in the books... Could it be that everyone is preparing a surprise party for her birthday tomorrow?

The class, the school, the house, the dream, the road, and looping all over again. Follow Liche in world that is as simple as that. And other universes which she learned from the books.

"The beginning is always white, so the end we seek... Maybe it's also white."

In this game...

  1. - Custom graphics (Windowskin, tilesets, sprites, pictures, etc)
  2. - Unique graphic style (black and white, and... some surprises?)
  3. - Dark story
  4. - Light game (below 50mb)
  5. - Simple, straight gameplay
  6. - Multiple endings
  7. - No hard puzzles
  8. - No battle processing
  9. - No jumpscares
  10. - Body horror (in pixels-sprite, not fullscreen-picture)


For the first playthrough, just trust your instincts, follow the story, and get ending. Then you can access the bonus room, where you can view the hints to other endings and even instantly view other endings.

To put it simply... There won't be a walkthrough anywhere in the net or inside the readme file, but you can view the full walkthrough yourself IN THE GAME after beating the game at least once.

More information

Published22 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tagsblood, Dark, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Pixel Art, rpg, RPGMaker
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

This game was made in RPG Maker VX Ace, so it needs the RTP to play. Google search 'RMVXAce RTP' and download the RTP, then install it before playing.


AClicheBirthday_beta.zip (11 MB)

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