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 T O O  M U C H  P I N K

Bug: after getting Jambu and Shade together, then not mentioning Candy's confession, instead of saying what ending I got, the game plays the credits in an endless loop.

Whoa ; v ; Thanks for spotting the bugs! Maybe after some time I'll fix it and add new features in newer version >_<"

This was really fun! I liked the art style a lot, and the story was cute ^^ Though I am there anything in that cave at the start?

In any case, I did a let's play for one of the endings. Hope it helps! 

o m g a playthough \(O.o)/ Thanks for playing it!!

Well, for that one cave... It's actually planned for extra features after you got a password for beating the ultimate ending, but for I scrapped the idea and moved the extra features (scenes) after the credits in the ultimate ending^^;

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course.

Sorry for the late reply >.< Sure, you can! Thank you for asking me first before translating this game, I appreciate it ^^

Do not worry! And thank you for giving me permission!

Hello, one question. Does it bother you if I change the font of your game? It is that the tildes are not seen, nor the ñ

It's alright ^^ I noticed that the font I'm using isn't working in some pcs.

Oh,  Thanks!

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